Tuesday, April 22, 2014

seemybrotherdance: Team MARCH in Little Rock for Arkansas Literary Festival next weekend!

April 25 - April 27, 2014 Catch Nate Powell on panels at the Arkansas Literary Festival

seemybrotherdance: Team MARCH in Little Rock for Arkansas Literary Festival next weekend!

"Saturday, April 26th: "Illustration" panel discussion with Kadir Nelsonand Colleen Doran. Mosaic Templars Cultural Center, 4:00 pm.

* Sunday, April 27th: "March: Book One" presentation and panel discussion with John Lewis and Andrew Aydin. Mosaic Templars Cultural Center, 1:30 pm. (Space will fill quickly-- get there early!)"

Friday, April 18, 2014

hand negative

in mdscan the collage of hands was processed through the negative filter.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cover? Comics page? Pixlr collage as tool.

Here I used the collage and type options in Pixlr Express.

Collage templates can contain up to 10 images
Each picture is pulled into its own panel within the collage. A picture can be stretched up within its panel. You can rearrange pics from one panel to another. You can opt to use another collage template as well.

The collage can use 2 or more of your chosen pics
Pixlr manages this no matter their individual various sizes and resolutions. Some pics are photograghed with my phone or drawn in sketchbook pro.

Imagination is yours.

Try it as a book cover, a collection of sketches, or specific studies for a project. Away from your usual workspace and tools like Photoshop or Manga Studio an idea hits? Maybe mock up panel placement on a comics page? A coloring book page or poster?

You can manually tweak size and proportions.
That means portion of picture within a panel, and overall ratio of the whole collage's side-to-top ratio. It's intuitive for the trained eye, workable for roughing it.

WISHLIST: at the least standard page size selections like letter, landscape, A4 or numbers to type in commonly used ratios like 2:3 or 6:9.

Text is added afterwards.
After you save your collage, you can add text. The app saves after each text addition then that is closed off no more editing. It's best to keep notes whether adlib or script, even though you have several undo chances.

Ok, enough tinkering today. Or at least I will try to ignore the overlay and borders options! For now, it's back to the drawing board where these discoveries can be put to use.